Why RV Camping Beats Tent Camping

If you love camping and typically use a tent as your shelter, consider upgrading to RV camping. Camping in an RV has so many advantages, and if you can't afford to buy one, you can rent one whenever you go camping. Tent camping is fun, but there are lots of unnecessary obstacles you must deal with that can make the experience more stressful and uncomfortable than it has to be.

Here are a few reasons why RV camping is better than tent camping:

Carry More Supplies

Many campers sacrifice the number of supplies they bring because they're trying to carry as little as possible. When you camp in an RV, you'll have much more space to bring whatever you want on your trip. You never have to worry about running out of supplies because you can't fit them in your vehicle or backpack.

Built-In Bathroom

When tent camping, one of the things you'll miss the most is access to a private bathroom with a regular toilet. Depending on where you are, there may be public outhouses, but they're usually not very sanitary, and you won't have the privacy you get when you have an RV with a bathroom. Other times, you may have to relieve yourself in nature.

RVs come with standard bathrooms and will even have a shower. These little luxuries help to make your camping experience much more enjoyable, especially when you camp for long durations.


Tent camping is all about enjoying the elements of nature, and the tent simply provides you with a dry place to sleep at night. RV camping is much different, as you can experience those same natural elements, but it feels much more like home when you're inside the RV. You'll have more control over the temperature, a comfortable bed, etc.

Drive It to Your Campsite

One of the most significant advantages of an RV is that you can drive it. You simply pack it up with your supplies, drive it to your campsite, and you're already set up and ready to camp. When you camp with a tent, you need to drive or hike to your location and spend time setting up your tent, bed, etc., before nightfall, so you have a place to sleep.

A Kitchen

Another major convenience you enjoy with an RV that you don't get with a tent is a kitchen. Having a kitchen makes camping much more convenient. You can keep your food fresh in the refrigerator and quickly heat food in the microwave or cook it on the stove.

To learn more, contact an RV camping ground in your area.

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